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Trees and Plants

The trees in Waterlow Park are one of its glories.  The Friends’ tree walk publication will take you around 14 of the most splendid examples.  The tree collection has been built up over the long history of the park and the house and grounds that were there before.  It contains native as well as rare and exotic specimens, for example, the strawberry tree below Lauderdale House.  You can’t miss it, spreading its evergreen multi-stemmed umbrella over the parterres.  But this is no ordinary strawberry tree. The Royal Botanical Society insists strawberry trees don’t fruit in these temperate northern climes. But ours does!  It is extremely fragile but at the same time very inviting for a generation of young tree climbers with its low lying branches to cling on to.  But please don’t be tempted!

The avenue of lime trees is another significant feature.  This leads up from the Swains Lane Gate towards the former Fairseat House [now part of Channing School] owned by Sir Sydney Waterlow.

The park is also well-known for its herbaceous borders which present visitors with a riot of colour in summer – especially around the Eagle steps.

If you want to find out more about how the park staff recycle green waste and to download a handy guide to making your own compost, click here 

Trees and Plants