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Our Fruit Trees

This is the list of trees we have planted, with some relevant information.

#TypeVarietyRoot StockAge in 2013Flowering GroupHarvest MonthUse
1DamsonMerryweatherSt Julien A1 yr3 (Self-Fertile)Late AugCulinary *
2ApricotTomcotMontclare2 yr2 (Self-Fertile)Late JulyEating
3PlumCzarSt Julien A1 yr3 (Self-Fertile)Early AugCulinary *
4AppleCore BlimeyMM1061 yrN/K (Not S-F)Early SepEating
5PearDoyenne du ComiceQuince A2 yr3 (Not S-F)OctoberEating
6AppleTydeman's Late OrangeMM1062 yr4 (Not S-F)Mid OctEating
7CherryStellaGisela 54 in 20164 (Self-Fertile)Late JulyEating
8AppleGreensleevesMM1062 yr2 (Partially S-F)Mid SeptEating
9AppleDiscoveryMM1062 yr3 (Not S-F)Mid AugEating
10Crab AppleJohn DownieMM1111 yr4 (Self-Fertile)Mid OctCulinary*
11PlumOld Green GageSt Julien A1 yr3 (Not S-F)Mid AugEating
12PearConcordeQuince A2 yr3 (Partially S-F)Mid OctEating
13AppleSaturnMM1061 yr3 (Self-Fertile)Late SeptEating
14-17AppleCox's Orange PippinMM1061 yr3 (Self-fertile)OctoberEating
Fruit defined as Culinary * can be eaten if left to become fully ripe


  • Discovery – (Worcester Pearmain x Beauty of Bath) attractive red flushed dessert apple that crops early, performing well on clay soil.
  • Red Windsor – died and was replaced in February 2014 with the Comice Pear.
  • Saturn – (Dessert Apple) – A new scab and mildew resistant variety. Blushed red on green to yellow skin, crisp and juicy fruits. Very heavy crops of good quality fruit. Good organic choice. Picking time late September. These are growing very well in London.
  • Greensleeves – Green to yellow mid-season apple, tasting a bit like a Golden Delicious and often popular with children.  Comes into fruit early.   Picking time mid-September.
  • Tydeman’s Late Orange – A classic English Cox-style apple, with the attractive orange flush which is so typical of this type of apple. It has the Cox-style aromatic flavour, simultaneously tangy and sweet. As the name suggests, it is a late-season variety, ripening in the middle of October in most areas. It can be kept until Christmas in a fridge or cold garage. Unlike Cox, it is not at its best when eaten straight from the tree, and is actually better if stored for a few weeks.
  • Core Blimey – The new London apple developed by the London Orchard Project.
  • Cox’s Orange Pippin – Regarded to be the finest tasting dessert apple, the rich aromatic flavour and crisp, juicy texture set this apple apart from other varieties. Produces medium sized, orange-red fruits with thin skins. Our 4 trees were liberated and planted by OCS & the Waterlow Park gardeners.


  • Concorde – Cross between Comice and Conference. Self-fertile. Fruit not expected until 2018 but with very good flavour and melting, juicy flesh.
  • Doyenne du Comice – Not self-fertile but should cross-fertilise with the Concorde. Described as the Queen of Pears, if you are looking for flavour, with truly outstanding texture and taste.


  • Czar Plum – a dark purple plum with sweet yellow flesh, self-fertile and heavy cropping. Dual purpose, picking early August. (And perhaps an appropriate name for an area that was populated by many Russian refugees). Interestingly, it is a cross of Prince Engelbert and Early Prolific, bred by Rivers of Sawbridgeworth in 1874.
  • Merryweather Damson – Deep blue-purple damson, with juicy acidic yellow flesh. Merryweather is an excellent all round performer, particularly good for Jam and Gin. Picking time late August. Fruit size is large for a damson.
  • Old Green Gage – the definitive “gage”, and often considered the best flavoured of any plum variety. It is described by Victorian fruit enthusiast Robert Hogg as “tender, melting, and very juicy, with a rich, sugary and most delicious flavour”. Not Self-Fertile but can be pollinated by Czar Plum and Merryweather Damson.


  • Stella – an excellent self-fertile cherry variety – brought over from Canada in the 1970’s – its large dark red fruits are very juicy and sweet tasting remarkably cherry-like!


  • Tomcot – Gives a very heavy crop of large Crimson-flushed fruits, ripe for picking from mid-July.


  • John Downie – Perhaps the best fruiting Crab Apple and the best for making jelly. White flowers in April followed by large conical bright Orange-Red fruits. A very refreshing flavour!