Save our Parks!

Please visit the National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces website and sign the petition to protect funding. Nationally the funding situation is alarming and it is vital that the importance of parks and green spaces is properly appreciated by our politicians.

Cuts in funding for Parks - Waterlow Park stars on Radio 4's 'You and Yours'

Go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p021npwm for a short feature on cuts in park spending broadcast on 26 June after publication of a Heritage Lottery Fund report.  This was recorded with Ceridwen Roberts, the co-Chair of Friends of Waterlow Park, during the Thursday volunteer gardening session.

All Change at Waterlow Park?

Central government cuts to council budgets mean money for parks is being cut drastically over the next few years. To protect Waterlow Park, Camden has been working with Park stakeholders to devise new management and funding arrangements.

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A bigger trowel

Works to the northern border of the park. Read more.

Waterlow Park Users

See an infographic about the people who use Waterlow Park.

Sponsored roses in Waterlow Park

The Friends would like to thank the community for their support in sponsoring  roses for the Waterlow Park rose circle.  Over 60 roses were planted at a well-attended event on Sunday 1 December. The Friends of Waterlow Park volunteers will prepare them for the winter and prune them early next year.  We are hoping for a splendid display of roses in the future when they are well established.
Future management consultation

Camden have been consulting with the Friends and other stakeholders over proposals to change how the park is managed in future. This initiative is in large part a way of seeking to protect the park in the face of public sector cuts. Read the latest briefing note from Camden. (pdf) 


Our volunteer programme is ongoing so anyone interested in gardening and has some spare time on their hands. Find out more

New Orchard Planted in Waterlow Park

On February 28 we finally planted our orchard in one of the old kitchen garden areas below the Park Centre - more than 100 years after it was last used to grow food for Sir Sydney Waterlow. Read more and also visit the orchard website.

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Waterlow Park was bequeathed to the public by Sir Sydney Waterlow in 1889 as a ‘garden for the gardenless’.  It consists of about 20 acres, situated just south of Highgate Village, in North London. The Park is bordered on two sides by Highgate Cemetery, world famous for its mausoleums, gravestones and the tomb of Karl Marx.

Within the Park is the historic Lauderdale House, which has a café, arts and exhibition centre, and formal terraced gardens. Waterlow Park has three ponds, tree lined walkways, mature shrub beds and herbaceous borders, ornamental bedding, expanses of lawn, 6 tennis courts an infant playground and a play area.

Waterlow Park supports a number of important ecological habitats and a rich variety of wildlife. In the summer it hosts outdoor theatre and music performances. 

In 2005 Camden undertook a large improvement and restoration programme supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project included the creation of the Waterlow Park Centre, which offers environmental educational sessions for local schools and colleges, information about Camden parks, local history and events. It also provides a venue for functions and conferences.

The Friends of Waterlow Park, who look after this website, take an active role in the management of the Park. Feel free to join us.

Waterlow Park has been immortalised in a song by Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople, who recorded it on their album "Wildlife" in 1971.