Waterlow Park Flora and Fauna and a Treasure Hunt at Fair in the Square. Stall 40, Blue Zone - Saturday 16 June

Friends of Waterlow Park will be joining the fun of the Highgate Fair in the Square. Find out what we and you can do to preserve the Park for the future. Get your little piece of the Park in our sale of Friends-grown plants, delve into Towyn Mason’s book In Living Memory - the stories behind the memorial benches or take home a framed picture of the Park. Join up as a member and take part in nature trails, bat walks and garden trips. Children: Find the buried treasure in our Treasure Hunt and win some of the silver! And for the slightly older: if you fancy doing a bit of gardening ask about the gardening volunteers' group.


Classical Recital 2018

Classical Recital 2018 - Sunday 1 July

This year's Classical Recital for the Friends of Waterlow Park and the Noah's Ark Childrens' Hospice will be taking place at Highgate School's Dyne House on Sunday, 1 July at 6 p.m.

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Data Protection

Our responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation

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Our Memorial Benches Brought To Life

Waterlow Park: The Stories Behind The Memorial Benches

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Tribute To Sir Sydney

 A Park Visitor's Charming Tribute To Sir Sydney

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Bulbs For Sale

Get your garden or balcony ready for Spring!

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Our new swing has arrived!

 The replacement swing has finally been installed in the older children's Adventure Playground

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AGM Report

You can read a short report of the Friends' annual meeting here.  The speaker was Tony Leach, Director of Parks for London.

Barbecues in the Park
Holiday time is here and the sun may shine - so can you have a barbecue in the Park?


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Waterlow Park: The Film!

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